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We are same human beings. We can help each other.

Traditional Tibetan Medical System in the Third Millennium

Nowadays, many people in the West lack guidance and do not know where to look for help, how to ease their problems. Apart from relying on modern hospitals and clinics, they can sometimes consult a Tibetan traditional physician. Such a physician could help change their habits and diet, alleviate their health problems with gentle, herbal diet supplements.

Both the Western system and the traditional Tibetan medical system of treatment, if approached without proper knowledge, may cause many problems. Unfortunately, this is evident in every nation where many people can suffer despite of cutting-edge health care. Therefore, we should always look for highly qualified, knowledgeable, experienced, and holistic physicians who are open-minded, honest, compassionate, respectful and kind. If we wish to maintain good health, we need to start from the foundations of moral lifestyle, proper diet, and development of self-awareness beginning at an early age. All these factors will allow us to care for ourselves in an appropriate and beneficial manner.

Health is very important to everybody; it is our treasure. Even the richest cannot enjoy their wealth and life if they are sick. Sickness and emotional disorders can cause significant worry and concern about one’s professional and personal future. Sick people can become depressed, fearful, tense, and emotionally imbalanced. The traditional Tibetan medical system utilizes its ancient wisdom to provide treatment aimed at solving all these problems of modern life. By means of interview, counseling, consultation, diagnosis, with the help of psychological techniques, dietary advice, and herbal supplements. Tibetan doctors’ full support and kindness can relieve our ailments. He can also correct our lifestyle mistakes to enable us to lead normal and meaningful lives. Our health and happiness depend on our moral attitude.

Even though we are good and intelligent human beings, at any time we can lose direction and make mistakes. Fortunately at any moment, we can meet good people and regain our true path. Moral conduct and determination help us resume normal and meaningful lives. As long as we are alive, everything is possible. For this reason we should open up our minds, do research and analyze what is good for us and good for others. Because life is impermanent, we must always choose the right direction. Difficulties, sickness, and harsh conditions may instantly change into good circumstances; we may regain our power and wealth, and become helpful to other people who are in need. At the same time, happy and healthy people may become poor and sick. We should open up our hearts and be kind to each other. The new millennium is a time to build one world and one nation. We are one and we should love one another.

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