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In the new millennium, the best way to achieve long-term health benefits may be to use the traditional Tibetan medical system. This ancient medical system which has survived many centuries still maintains its originality with the acceptance of modifications put forward by great physicians and specialists on the basis of clinical, analytical and scientific research, without discrepancy or distortion of the original text. This system’s dietary supplements have little or no side effects, being purely herbal. Our system has been very effective with general health, acute and chronic diseases, bringing many bright and successful results to patients. This system has the special characteristic of treating natural diseases with the support of natural remedies and of maintaining a balance between the five different elements under the guidance of experienced and learned doctors.

Power of nature gift from the Mother of Earth such as Medicinal plants, herbs, minerals and fruits etc

One of the riches of Tibetan culture is its knowledge of medicinal plants, herbs, fruits and minerals. Tibetan herbal dietary supplements, in the form of pills, are prepared in traditional pharmacies under the supervision of Tibetan medicine specialists. All ingredients are well-known and familiar, and are derived from different parts of medicinal plants and herbs (e.g., roots, leaves, flowers, branches, seeds and bark, etc.) and minerals. Traditional Tibetan herbal dietary supplements are a gift and blessing from Mother Earth and the Medicine Buddha.

Balance of five elements

The traditional Tibetan medical system is a Buddhist science and philosophy which uses a holistic approach to healthcare and considers the five basic elements of nature which constitute human body and mind. They are: earth, water, fire, wind and space. It aims at maintaining a balance between these five elements for a healthy mind and body. In these difficult times, this ancient medical system continues to use traditional Tibetan herbal dietary supplements and lifestyle advice, positive thinking, meditation and physical exercise to heal the body of lack of vitamins and minerals, to restore depleted energy and to improve psychological strength. These supplements are not medications; they are pure natural herbal mixtures which have been used for many centuries. They have been developed to assist in returning the body and mind to a natural state of equilibrium. They serve to help the body quickly recover from deficiencies and energy imbalances. These supplements also regulate normal functions of the body and emotion. They have been effective for more than a thousand years, and they are helpful and effective even today. First of all, traditional Tibetan herbal dietary supplements work to prevent all elements of sickness in the physical body, and to prevent emotional disorders. Moreover, they immediately support the organ where the problem has originated. In addition, they support the recovery from the root cause of the problem and give strength and power to bring back normal functioning of the organs in everyday life.

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