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An appointment with a Traditional Tibetan Doctor and Specialist


  1. Contact our information desk to seek an appointment at the address given below and confirm date and time for the consultation with the specialist.
  2. Appointments should be arranged at least one day prior to the consultation.
  3. Ask the information desk about the prerequisites and other formalities to be fulfilled before beginning initial consultation and herbal treatment.
  4. Some important instructions to follow 12 hours before consultation with the specialist:
    • Diet: Avoid excessive food, do not consume alcohol, strong black tea, coffee, carbonated beverages and avoid salads and raw vegetables.
    • Behavior: Avoid excessive exercise, lack of sleep, sexual contact, or excessive talking. Since these factors influence the patient’s body and energy, they could produce false pulse reading, leading to wrong diagnosis and treatment.
  5. Must bring first urine of the early morning in a colorless bottle for diagnosis and examination.

It would be a great pleasure and privilege to help you in our clinic, in accordance with the high standards of the traditional Tibetan Medical system. We care for you and will do our best to solve your health problem.

Dr. Ven Tenzin Jangchub office

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